Single-channel video projection, duration 8 minutes

collaboration with Egle Budvytyte, all rights reserved. [credits]

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 16.49
Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 16.54

Shaking Children is a short video, projected as a loop onto the white wall of the gallery space. The video shows children in school who shake their bodies in various ways– slowly building up the movement, beginning with something small like a trembling finger, all the way  to vehemently shaking their heads and limbs, their bodies, each-other and obejcts in the classroom.

Shaking with the body is a way to release tension, to deal with trauma or to show

disobience to any system of oppression. 

workshop shaking conducted for the children by Kroot Juurak

camera: Bart Groenendaal and Egle Budvytyte

British School Amsterdam, De Kleine Reus, Amsterdam

originally curated by Rieke Vos and Gerardo Mosquira for Artificial Amsterdam, 2013

thanks to: 

Mondriaan Fonds, WIELS, AFK

All Rrights Reserved, Bart Groenendaal / Egle Budvytyte, 2013