Performance for eight performers, in a public area, duration ca. 25 minutes

collaboration with Egle Budvytyte


Shakers, Lovers and Bystanders is a performance work for in a public area.

Eight dancers improvise within the framework of a choreographic composition with forms of uncontrolled, trembling motion of the body muscles, reaching a state of trance. 

While some bodies thus shake and tremble on the ground, others choose to either induce the shaking and attempt to enhance and guide it, towards some sort of apotheosis–or, the opposite– to soothe the shakers, calming them and radiating care and love towards them. A third option is to simply observe and do nothing. 

Playing with these different relations towards bodies in an ambiguious state of distress/joy, the piece becomes a mapping of complicity, of witnessing, of power relations and of highly personal physical experience. 

When staged in a commercial area, the shaking bodies contrast with the surrounding uniformity of commerce. They can be understood to defect from the expected 'script' for common behavior.

Reminiscent of sudden calamity, of sexual pleasure, or of personal distress, the trembling bodies and their complicit partners form a poetic spectacle of defiance. 


Sara-Jeanine Heidenstrom,

Laura Feline Ebbesen, Ida Thomsen,

Pernille Sorensen, Jon Stage, Brian Degn,

Peter Fons Larsen, Nathalie Wahlberg.

Bomber jackets: Morta Griškevičiūtė

curator: Juliana Engberg

Produced by: Aarhus 2017

All rights reserved, Egle Budvytyte / Bart Groenendaal, 2017