If What Turns Into Black connects a series of unrelated scenes (all shot on the Neringa Peninsula in Lithuania) to the story of Fiona, narrated by herself, as a voice-over.

Fiona is a middle-aged woman from London–with a past as a Trotskist activist–who shares her experiences being an art student. Speaking thoughtfully about her vision on art, arts objectives, how it is often misunderstood or misused, and how she personally felt within the context of art school- her words connect in different ways with the images presented

There are ants, discovering sunglasses. There are Asian women with black hair. There are sticks poking at mushrooms. There are shots of houses, the sky, a thin white man, a tent, the sea, a group of elderly Lithuanians– all in one way or another presented as an illustration to the voice, in a delicate pondering of subjectivity and meaning-making,

with a small dose of humour shimmering in the corners. 

Voice over: Fiona Flynn

Sound recording: Linas Ramašauskas

camera: Bart Groenendaal

thanks to: 

Sacha Kuchur

Egle Budvytyte

Nida Art Colony

All righta reserved, Bart Groenendaal 2010